Saturday, May 15, 2010

Currently in love with....

Hi Everyone!
So I wanted to do a post on the things I am currently in love with in regards to beauty products! Here's my current list (enjoy!):



Bobbi Brown:
  • Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Pink Raspberry--I think this *might* be discontinued too, but I love wearing this color! It is bright and nice for the summer flushed look.
  • NARS Multiple in Orgasm--bright and shimmer, also nice for summer. I haven't used this very long, but I do love it so far!
  • NARS blush in Deep Throat--more of a peach color than the Orgasm, but this is the powder kind, so I've been wearing it over the multiple and also loving it thus far.

Lip Stuff:

Alright, those are the current loves and products I am using a lot! Let me know if you have questions or want a specific review of a product! : )


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