Monday, April 26, 2010

i miss blogging!

Hi Everyone!
Sorry I have been missing from the blog for a while. It feels like 3 weeks... Anyway, update on the computer--I have to send it into Apple for them to fix it since a service provider is farther than an hour away. I am hopefully sending it in today or tomorrow, but I still have to drive 20ish minutes to take it to FedEx to send it in. Blah. Right now I am using my fiance's computer...

Makeup update: I really suck at the 10 Pan Challenge. I never use the lip glosses, but I have been using the eyeliner and foundation almost every single day. I am more conscious of my use and my spending. So even if I do not complete this challenge, at least I came out with that.

However, I have bought something else. : ( I had to order it from MAC's website because all the Belk's within a 100 mile radius that sell MAC were sold out. It is the pearl glide eyeliner in Designer Purple. Yes, I bought purple eyeliner. I'm not in middle school. I promise I am going to do something really pretty with it and it was sooooooo gorgeous in person. And the only reason I decided to go ahead and buy it is because of the limited edition--stores will not be getting anymore of these. Other makeup shopping news: I returned some products that were bothering my skin. I decided to get some other MAC products. Here's what I got: lip pencil in subculture to wear under my viva glam gaga lipstick, the 266 small angled liner brush, and mineralize eyeshadow duo in odd couple. The eyeshadow is super cute and will work with the new Designer Purple eyeliner. I cannot wait to show you this look when I get everything in.

Yesterday, I did one of my best friend's makeup for her baby shower. I used Bobbi Brown's nude palette, plus some creamy eyeshadows to really make her eyes pop. I will do a full blog post on this when I upload my pictures. She looked so beautiful yesterday!!!!

Let me know about your makeup or if you have any questions. I love makeup and talking about makeup.


Monday, April 19, 2010

broken computer

Hi Everyone!
So I'm a little behind on keeping up with my blog and makeup reviews and what not. My computer is acting funky... I'm taking it into the computer store on Thursday. For now, that means no updates because I HATE using this PC laptop.

Update me on your life! Let me know about makeup you are using and what type of reviews you would like to see!

: )

Friday, April 16, 2010


okay.... i needed retail therapy today.... i cheated on the 10 Pan Challenge.

yeah, i'm definitely addicted. but i didn't want to buy clothes... the only thing that cheered me up today was makeup.

: (

so.... i am going to tweak the original rules... IF i run out of a product i need and use daily, i can replace it--for example, the eye cream. anyway, here's what i bought today: Benefit's Dr. Feel Good and Benefit's Erase Paste (number 2). i will NOT use these products until i finish the challenge. i just couldn't resist today.

please forgive me.


addicted to makeup

Thursday, April 15, 2010

10 Pan update~

Hi everyone!
So to update you on the 10 Pan Challenge, I am CRAVING to buy something now. It's all I think about, this eyeliner, that eye cream, this bronzer, etc.... However, I am switching an item of the challenge. First, Mary Catherine was right-the mascara irritated my eyes and I'm going to throw it away. In place of the mascara, I am going to put in Bobbi Brown's Lathering Tube Soap:

My look today was quite springy-beachy. I'm going to go over how I did it, since the video tutorial thing is not yet working...

First, I always start with a freshly washed face. Then I moisturized using Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base. After I let that soak in, I added MAC's prep and prime treatment for pores. I then let that soak. Afterwards I put on my usual Neutragena Dry Touch sunblock and let that soak. A lot of soaking today. And I used my Bobbi Brown Hydrating eye cream and corrector. Moving onto the eyes, I started with Bobbi Brown's long-wear cream shadow in Beach Honey! It really makes me happy-nice golden sparkle! I put a little Bobbi Brown Beige Linen shimmer wash eye shadow over that. Then I used my Bobbi Brown Walnut creamy eye pencil for a liner. I finished my lashes with Bobbi Brown's Extreme Party Mascara. Then I moved back to my face and used Bobbi Brown's foundation stick as my foundation and Bobbi Brown's Bronzing Powder on top. For my blush I used Bobbi Brown's Pink Raspberry pot rouge (cream blush). I went with a nude lip today and used Bobbi Brown's EXTRA soothing balm as a lip moisturizer.

Sorry to sound like a Bobbi Brown advertisement. Like I said before, I only used Bobbi Brown exclusively. I am now trying to spread my wings out into other ventures including MAC and Benefit. Once I used up my 10 Pan Challenge items, I'm going to buy more MAC and Benefit makeup.

Keep me posted if you are doing the 10 Pan Challenge. I encourage you to try it with mostly half-used stuff. It will keep you motivated and you should have no problem reaching your goal! Good Luck everyone! : )


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

10 Pan Challenge

Hi everyone! I decided to start the 10 Pan Challenge. Basically, this challenges any makeup addict to empty 10 items of their choosing before buying another product. *My one exception is that I am allowing myself to return an item for exchange of another at the store--so I'm not putting new money toward makeup, just "trading" the products out.

My items:

1. Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream - This item is already low, but I added the second sample the makeup artist gave me and I am counting it as one item.

2. Bobbi Brown Soothing Face Tonic - half used and hardly used.

3. Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base - I LOVE this face cream. This is my second jar of it. Oh and it smells SO GOOD!

4. Bobbi Brown Corrector - goes under concealer, but I just need to use this and get a new concealer.

5. Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick - this is my spring color and I'm ready to wear tinted moisturizer for the summer.

6. Bobbi Brown Creamy Eye Pencil (Walnut) - used to be my fav eyeliner, but now I'm liking the darker colors. This is also my second pencil in this color.

7. Bobbi Brown Everything Mascara - I like it. I love others more. Use it up!

8. Burts Bees Lip Gloss - ehh.

9. C.O. Bigelow Lip Gloss (bath and body works) - I'm not sure why I have this product.

10. Bath and Body Works Creamy Body Wash - I'm liking this, but I'm ready for a new scent.

Yes, I KNOW I have a TON of Bobbi Brown products! I've been a Bobbi Brown fanatic for the past 3 years, but I've decided it's time to expand my horizons. Also, I KNOW most of this stuff is already half-empty, but it's stilling going to be a challenge for me. Seriously, I hardly ever use anything until it's completely empty. I will keep you updating on my progress.
Is anyone interested in joining me with this challenge?

Monday, April 12, 2010


Hi! I'm pinkpaisley12! and I'm addicted to make-up and beauty products!

This is my first blog entry, please tell me what you think of my site so far. I will be uploading some youtube videos by the end of the week. Topics include: MAC make-up haul, top favs of the moment, and my first trip to sephora (second, but this is the first time I actually bought something).

My beauty project inspiration comes from being bored with my makeup and looking for something new. I started searching the web and found a lot of tutorials and blogs online, so I set out to create my own. I really decided that I HAD to do this after my trip to the MAC counter. Scott made me look so beautiful. My mom said she had never seen my eyes like that before.



So, here's to entering the online beauty world.

[Please note: I bought all of these products myself. I am not a make-up artist. All reviews are my opinion only. Thanks!]