Monday, June 7, 2010

Find of the Century!

So like I mentioned in my last post, my mom and I went shopping on Saturday. I got quite a lot of things, but I returned a pretty expensive item and just bought makeup with it. Anyway, my find of the century items.....

dun dun dun....

Triple Fusion and Smooth Merge

YES! MAC's MSF's from last summer! I didn't start using MAC until two months ago, but once I read about these products online, I had to have them! I wanted smooth merge, triple fusion, hand finish, and petticoat! (in order of highest want! haha) Basically, I was looking at MAC's To The Beach collection at the counter, left to find my mom, walked back over and there, in the middle of the collection sat Smooth Merge! OMG! I asked the makeup artist if they had anymore in stock! She said yes and they also had Triple Fusion (I did ask about the other two, but they didn't have anymore)! WOW! These things are going for around $40 on ebay and I just couldn't see myself paying that much for something.... Anyway, I bought the last Triple Fusion and I think there are a few Smooth Merge MSF's left. This was the one limited edition collection I thought I would never get! : )

And according to Temptalia's website, petticoat will be out later this summer!!!! wahooo!!!

I'll post about the rest of my stuff later! But enjoy the MSF's for now!!!

What's the one limited edition item you missed out on and are still craving??

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