Monday, April 26, 2010

i miss blogging!

Hi Everyone!
Sorry I have been missing from the blog for a while. It feels like 3 weeks... Anyway, update on the computer--I have to send it into Apple for them to fix it since a service provider is farther than an hour away. I am hopefully sending it in today or tomorrow, but I still have to drive 20ish minutes to take it to FedEx to send it in. Blah. Right now I am using my fiance's computer...

Makeup update: I really suck at the 10 Pan Challenge. I never use the lip glosses, but I have been using the eyeliner and foundation almost every single day. I am more conscious of my use and my spending. So even if I do not complete this challenge, at least I came out with that.

However, I have bought something else. : ( I had to order it from MAC's website because all the Belk's within a 100 mile radius that sell MAC were sold out. It is the pearl glide eyeliner in Designer Purple. Yes, I bought purple eyeliner. I'm not in middle school. I promise I am going to do something really pretty with it and it was sooooooo gorgeous in person. And the only reason I decided to go ahead and buy it is because of the limited edition--stores will not be getting anymore of these. Other makeup shopping news: I returned some products that were bothering my skin. I decided to get some other MAC products. Here's what I got: lip pencil in subculture to wear under my viva glam gaga lipstick, the 266 small angled liner brush, and mineralize eyeshadow duo in odd couple. The eyeshadow is super cute and will work with the new Designer Purple eyeliner. I cannot wait to show you this look when I get everything in.

Yesterday, I did one of my best friend's makeup for her baby shower. I used Bobbi Brown's nude palette, plus some creamy eyeshadows to really make her eyes pop. I will do a full blog post on this when I upload my pictures. She looked so beautiful yesterday!!!!

Let me know about your makeup or if you have any questions. I love makeup and talking about makeup.


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