Thursday, April 15, 2010

10 Pan update~

Hi everyone!
So to update you on the 10 Pan Challenge, I am CRAVING to buy something now. It's all I think about, this eyeliner, that eye cream, this bronzer, etc.... However, I am switching an item of the challenge. First, Mary Catherine was right-the mascara irritated my eyes and I'm going to throw it away. In place of the mascara, I am going to put in Bobbi Brown's Lathering Tube Soap:

My look today was quite springy-beachy. I'm going to go over how I did it, since the video tutorial thing is not yet working...

First, I always start with a freshly washed face. Then I moisturized using Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base. After I let that soak in, I added MAC's prep and prime treatment for pores. I then let that soak. Afterwards I put on my usual Neutragena Dry Touch sunblock and let that soak. A lot of soaking today. And I used my Bobbi Brown Hydrating eye cream and corrector. Moving onto the eyes, I started with Bobbi Brown's long-wear cream shadow in Beach Honey! It really makes me happy-nice golden sparkle! I put a little Bobbi Brown Beige Linen shimmer wash eye shadow over that. Then I used my Bobbi Brown Walnut creamy eye pencil for a liner. I finished my lashes with Bobbi Brown's Extreme Party Mascara. Then I moved back to my face and used Bobbi Brown's foundation stick as my foundation and Bobbi Brown's Bronzing Powder on top. For my blush I used Bobbi Brown's Pink Raspberry pot rouge (cream blush). I went with a nude lip today and used Bobbi Brown's EXTRA soothing balm as a lip moisturizer.

Sorry to sound like a Bobbi Brown advertisement. Like I said before, I only used Bobbi Brown exclusively. I am now trying to spread my wings out into other ventures including MAC and Benefit. Once I used up my 10 Pan Challenge items, I'm going to buy more MAC and Benefit makeup.

Keep me posted if you are doing the 10 Pan Challenge. I encourage you to try it with mostly half-used stuff. It will keep you motivated and you should have no problem reaching your goal! Good Luck everyone! : )


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  1. Do a review on both please =] I'm thinking about walking into Benefit and just having them give me a make over haha. I have not bought make up since January...