Monday, April 12, 2010


Hi! I'm pinkpaisley12! and I'm addicted to make-up and beauty products!

This is my first blog entry, please tell me what you think of my site so far. I will be uploading some youtube videos by the end of the week. Topics include: MAC make-up haul, top favs of the moment, and my first trip to sephora (second, but this is the first time I actually bought something).

My beauty project inspiration comes from being bored with my makeup and looking for something new. I started searching the web and found a lot of tutorials and blogs online, so I set out to create my own. I really decided that I HAD to do this after my trip to the MAC counter. Scott made me look so beautiful. My mom said she had never seen my eyes like that before.



So, here's to entering the online beauty world.

[Please note: I bought all of these products myself. I am not a make-up artist. All reviews are my opinion only. Thanks!]

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